Ecoculture Village
Attn: T^Boan
P.O. Box 4460
Arcata, CA 95518


I have gotten many emails from people who seek a better life for themselves… to pick up and leave where they are and move to Ecoculture Village as an escape from the current social paradigm, and as much as I wish I could invite them to come live at Ecoculture Village, we are not yet an established community, so as of yet we have no provision for residency to invite these people to.

I am seeking people who understand the value of ecovillages and who believe, as I do, that there needs to be more of them, especially the kind that function as educational facilities as well as escapes from the current social paradigm.

When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people. Confucius

As such, I am expecting to hear from people with the founder mindset; people who desire to together put the collaborative energy toward making Ecoculture Village become a reality. Your comments and questions are always welcome, and I greatly look forward to turning ‘my’ project into ‘our’ project… momentum has been increasing and many others have put forth their time and energy toward seeing Ecoculture Village become a reality. Let’s keep moving forward.

~ Donations ~

We are in our beginning stages and we do not yet have 501(c)(3) status. As such, donations… while welcome and appreciated… are not tax deductable at this time.

~ Promotional Ecoculture Village Banners ~

Here is a real quick 300×100 image I threw together… copy paste the code below and put it into your website html code. If anybody would like to make better/different banners, please contact me or email them to me as png images… I’d love to see them.

Ecoculture Village Banner