Future Projects

Ecoculture Village will accomplish being viably interconnected with the ever expanding networks of like minded individuals and organizations both local and abroad by establishing and working on local and regional projects.

Backpacks for the Homeless

A simple cheap backpack with survival and support essentials (such as a tarp, toiletries, assistance contact information, etc.) for people who find themselves unexpectedly homeless or who want a way out of homelessness.


This is a much longer term goal that is where the ultimate trueness of form that is Ecoculture Village will take shape on a grand scale. Many minds will come together before this one is doable.


I have acquired 11.404 acres in west Texas where I intend to show how the wastification of a desert habitat can be reversed by applying rational land management principles; and how wildlife habitat buffer zones can be implemented and managed in order to reestablish, conserve, and improve wildlife habitat to the effect of maximum biodiversity; and also how many of the possibilities inherent to an integrative, food/medicine/utility species yield-intensive, rural site in an arid/semi-arid climate can be attained. Visitors will be welcome. This is a very important project, as the need for examples of this kind of success is increasing on a global scale due to deforestation and other environmentally degradative factors.

Watch ‘Greening the Desert II (including Part I): Greening the Middle East’, the permaculture video by Geoff Lawton that is the inspiration for Ecoculture Village; Project: Culberson.