It is said that the most important step in realizing dreams and achieving goals, is to write them down. You did just that by typing (or clicking on) this website’s address! Not only are they the greatest of goals, but health, happiness, and longevity are the foundation upon which all other dreams and goals depend.

People are often challenged by the question of necessity, but the bottom line is that it comes down to 2 things… information and willpower. If there is an abundance of both, wise choices will be made; if there is a lack of either, uncertain and potentially foolish choices will be made. There are really only 3 things to consider:

your health…
your happiness…
and your longevity.

How you prioritize these… the three earthly treasures, is up to you… but here’s how I basically see it.

I believe in the soundness of each human being, namely that the human body is meant to function perfectly, and that with health, each response to life can be perfect. With a healthy body comes a happy mind, and since the body’s number one function is to produce in the mind the will to increasingly survive and live, thus comes longevity.

I believe body, mind, and spirit to be emanations of the soul. Though intimately connected to each other, each has its own conditions for being and unique requirements for attaining and maintaining health, happiness, and longevity. I consequently believe that a soulful person is one who enjoys health, happiness, and longevity; of body, mind, and spirit.

Mission and Vision

To help people be more soulful… so we may all live in a more enlightened world.


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About me… Troy Boylan

me82x82Ecoculture Village Founder & President;
Anthropology BA, Interdisciplinary Studies: Ethnobotany BS.
Two things I think are worth anything at all… all things wilderness and ecoculture… and well, RPGs!

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