provides the foundational elements the body needs to build strength, poise, and speed. Nutrition also provides exercise enabling energy, and the right nutrition even enables weight loss!

They say, “You are what you eat.” When it comes to nutrition, NOTHING is ANY truer!

Nutritionally speaking, a healthy diet (the sum of food consumed) is one that improves health or maintains optimal health. In the United States, a healthy diet is often chosen for weight loss and weight management reasons. But whatever your reasons, adhering to a healthy diet means developing and maintaining healthy habitual food consumption decisions. This very often includes eating foods from each of the food groups, and includes drinking plenty of water.

There are many ways of categorizing nutrition, depending on what ‘expert’ you talk to, and what culture you live in. Each method of categorization has insight to lend to your nutritional choices.

For me, and the way I suggest people look at nutrition, is the understanding that there are things the human body needs, but either cannot create for itself, or can create for itself but not in significant enough quantities. These things are the essential nutrients, and here I will share my understanding of them in what I believe to be their basic order of immediate importance: