Somewhere Between Who I Was And Who I Am

We are all on a personal journey of social maturation and spiritual awareness. The fears, loneliness, and confusion inherent to each of us should be thought of as foundational so that we may have a fuller understanding of what it is in common that we all face… that which makes us human… individually and together. As we begin to realize that our greatest problems affect all of us and cannot therefore be solved alone… how […]

So What Is A Hedonic Treadmill Anyway?

On a treadmill you can move at a steady pace… staying at the lowest point in the wheel. If you suddenly put more energy into moving on the treadmill, you can move higher up the side… yippee! But because you have increased the velocity of the wheel itself, unless you constantly increase the amount of energy, eventually the momentum will overtake you and you will be on the other side… struggling to not fall forward […]