So What Is A Hedonic Treadmill Anyway?

On a treadmill you can move at a steady pace… staying at the lowest point in the wheel. If you suddenly put more energy into moving on the treadmill, you can move higher up the side… yippee!

But because you have increased the velocity of the wheel itself, unless you constantly increase the amount of energy, eventually the momentum will overtake you and you will be on the other side… struggling to not fall forward on your face… what a bummer!

This concept is called the hedonic treadmill. The trick to it is to only put as much energy into being happy as you can keep up with… slow down, keep an even pace, and eventually get off the treadmill.

Sort of like making car payments to get to work… and consequently having to work more hours to pay for the car. Not smart… so, in this scenario… rather ride a bike. If what you are doing over and over again is getting you nowhere fast… try something different.

You can be like Donqi Hohtay… and slay your treadmills.

What’s stopping you?

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