What a life HIS is!

I originally intended this to be read only by those who consider themselves to be Christians, with the thinking that whoever does not, may as well not even read this…. but now… with the condition, unless you are interested in a more equal religiously free US, as this is a much far ranging subject than just me, and I only merely scratch the surface of many important discussions in writing this…. but… I will continue as though I originally intended. Even so, I welcome all your comments.

As we all may or may not know, the Holy Spirit abolishes sin and fulfills the covenant in the believer. I understand faith to be a spiritual conviction strong enough to accept the Holy Spirit’s fulfillment. Since this had occurred to me 25 years ago I have believed, and still do, that what we call the 6th commandment has been fulfilled in me… including to the effect that I have not payed income tax for the last 25 years… as income tax, as we all may or may not know, provides for war and thus kills.

As I age… I am now a big gun at the magnum age of 44… the thought of continuing to struggle to survive with less than $10,000 per year becomes more disturbing and is often downright frightening. I have sacrificed everything that an income tax paying job/career affords… a home, a wife and children, an esteemed place in society, even a sense of pride… in the name of the Christ and in acceptance of His Holy Spirit.

My faith is being tested by Satan more than ever recently, as I am being tempted to seek income tax paying employment so I can afford to live MY LIFE. But this would come at the expense of participating in the destruction and death of families the US wars upon.

Maybe it is comfort enough… the utter absurdity of a believer being able to justify participating in inflicting the horror that is the destruction and death of another man’s family so he can afford his own.

Are we not as believers called by the Christ to be selfless toward others who would otherwise be suffering at our hands, even if our hands can only effect them indirectly?

My faith is bolstered by writing this… in that the answer to that question is unequivocally… yes! Of course, the problem would be solved if we were able to choose which governmental agencies and/or non profit organizations could spend, percentage-wise according to our own allocations, our individual and personal income tax contributions.

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