The Sustainable Village’s First Blog Post

This writing contains (a-we-)some collaborative wording resulting from dialogues and notes between myself and others.

Are you concerned about your ecological and economic future?

This article contains some collaborative wording resulting from dialogues between myself, Jayme Delson and others.

It is our intention… to create a pilot project sustainable village demonstrating the effectiveness of an ecologically and economically viable approach to cost effectively eliminating homelessness and poverty, while at the same time improving the environment and fostering a culture of creativity, kindness and stability.

After we succeed in this pilot project endeavor, we intend to offer this program to philanthropic organizations and jurisdictions abroad, thus addressing the existing need in more and more locales!

We strive… to collaboratively resolve our ecological and economic concerns by creating a network of sustainable villages.

Without this network of sustainable villages… in this economy reliant on an ever declining number of living wage jobs… the costs of living are only going to keep rising, with no end in sight… and with no regard for the natural environment.

A complimentary alternative solution to ending ecological degradation, homelessness, poverty and unemployment is now essential!

The goal of The Sustainable Village is to provide ecological and economic stability by way of ecoculture techniques… such as green building and energy technologies, organic gardening, craftsman’s guilds, and a range of micro businesses sufficient to pay for things we are not yet able to produce on site.

As sustainable villages become established within given jurisdictions, the cost to sustain people who were in poverty within those jurisdictions will decline dramatically.

We envision… as a result of our ongoing efforts, that it is highly likely that many more private and public organizations and municipalities will allocate funds to assist us in establishing sustainable villages within their localities and jurisdictions!

Sustainability happens when ecology and economy complement each other. This is eco¬≤, and when we implement ecology and economy (respectively, the study of and the management of… eco) in as fully a complementary manner as is possible, we achieve the epitome of culture… ecoculture.

The Sustainable Village

Empowering the majority by producing the necessities of life via a network of sustainable villages!

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