Village Home

I am looking forward to beginning the process of planning for raising funds/collaboration to enable us to acquire and maintain the land necessary to establish our home base. This is where Ecoculture Village will function as a centered whole, and do most of its long-term interdisciplinary research in multi-family cooperative living. A project like this must be done right or not at all, so I am thinking big. I am looking to acquire approximately 50 to 100 acres of rural land, more or less, in an area that receives between approximately 20 to 60 inches of rainfall/year, with a mild to somewhat mild winter, and with at least one year-round water source such as a spring at a higher point in the topography. Right here in Humboldt County would be an excellent place for Ecoculture Village to take root, but I’m excited about anywhere that meets these general minimum specs!

I have been deliberately reluctant to add anything more here because I feel it is so huge a project that it necessarily requires the input of several people even initially. I am going to go ahead and share my thoughts concerning what this project should entail as I find the time to do so, but I do look forward to hearing others’ opinions and insights as well, and I look eagerly forward to when this page will become the product of several people’s input besides my own… as it naturally must.

For the time being, I refer you to Survival; Introduction.

Update (2016): My… I mean… OUR… first try at creating this village home, we have named… The Sustainable Village… !