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The Best Way To Introduce Yourself
While introducing yourself is entirely optional, and while perhaps there is no best way in the objective sense to do such a thing, here are some ideas to help you make your introduction impress on upon others that you want them to care who you are.

Effective introductions are easier if you follow these three simple guidelines. Communicate your contribution. Be memorable. Communicate culturally. Now let's take a closer look at each guideline.

1. Communicate Your Contribution

People care about what others can mean to them. Tell everyone clearly why you’re here. What can people expect from you and your writing? What are your specific interests? What do you look for in others? Do you have a mind to eventually be a part of the EV Forum in an official capacity, such as by way of moderating, etc.?

2. Be Memorable

Give us some way to remember you... in a good way. Uniquely present yourself in a way people will like you and look forward to your continued contributing. There are a hundred and one different ways to set yourself apart while not alienating yourself. For example, tell your story succinctly with your own special blend of humor and humility.

3. Communicate Culturally

Be sensitive to cultural nuance and personal perspective, both in terms of the bigger picture (legally, linguistically, morally, etc.) and in terms of this site.

One final thought on this: "Less is more", so they say, as can be understatement. Let your introduction speak to all of us.


This post was originally inspired by and modeled after the article How to Introduce Yourself in a Meeting by Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker; (

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