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Well now what do we truly know of our mother earth XD
Well as you all are aware our mother earth has been on the rampage YEEEEEE HAAAWWW! I know it may sound a bit out there when I say this but I love it when she makes her self known, it really opens your eyes to who is really in charge here. Cause the moment you even place belief or fact that mother nature is in our backyard you're wrong, we are in hers. An when things get crazy in the yard momma comes out to regulate an tend her garden we ARE the children of earth not the other way round we live here by some cosmic grace an we must learn to live in it peacefully cause if we keep goin on this stint that the cosmos an the earth owe us for any transgressions get ready for a supprize. I'll say this when mum goes nuts on us do we question or do we comply obviously we comply so i ask this when disaster strikes WHY for the love of all why do you ask (Why did this happen I cant believe it?).

Two reasons it happened.
1-Mother nature needs ta keep these things goin if not it all falls apart an every thing dies period (example if volcanos dont POP then the world will swell like a balloon an everything goes POP so would you rather have a little POP or the big an final one hhmmm?)
2-MOVE YOU BIG OAF! If you know you live where mother mother nature throws dance tantrums then move (YA BIG DUMMY-Red Fox) dont keep living there goin WHY WHY WHY WHY you just make your self look the fool asking that question when you have lived long enough on this planet to know it happens there so why continue to endanger your life unless you get on with that kind of danger like me I love a good natural disaster even if it kills me cause I love my allmother an her glorious tantrums, cause ill say this unless you've seen her go off then you havent seen the true beauty of her an you only concentrate on the bad an your only thinking of your self so in short you dont like it MOVE if you do well pull up a chair open a beer an sit with me an watch fire works cause I'd rather ride the bomb than get hit by it ROFL.

Everywhere man blames nature an fate, yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passions, his mistakes an weaknesses.-Democritus

Look death in the face with joyful hope, and consider this a lasting TRUTH: The righteous person has nothing to fear, neither in life, nor in death, and the gods will not forsake him.-Socrates
Yep we need to look after our planet.
You have to try Gynectrol because it works.
we have to take care of our mother earth we are the once who are destroying nature.we have to look after it if we want a good place to live on

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