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Fluoride in our tap water?
Pure fresh (potable [safe to drink]) water is a necessity of life, something that we human beings must have daily in order to survive; and therefore we have an inalienable right to it. Our tap water is our source of pure fresh (potable [safe to drink]) water in our homes. Government provides us with this water. Although, it is the task of government to ensure that our lives remain as ungoverned as possible, only interfering when absolutely necessary, such as to ensure the survival of our inalienable rights and individual freedoms including our individual right to choose; and because this is true, concerning our tap water, government has erred.

Regardless of any positive or negative effects on health, the addition of fluoride (and/or other unnecessary adulterant(s)) to our pure fresh (potable [safe to drink]) water source has forced us (and continues to force us) to ingest something unnecessary to our survival that we did not (and are not) knowingly and willfully consent(ing) to. This is unreasonable since the issue is controversial and while it remains so its imposition upon us is also therefore unjust. It is outside of the task scope of government to adulterate or to allow the adulteration of a necessity of life, even if by way of a majority vote. It is in fact within the task scope of government, rather, to ensure that our source of pure fresh (potable [safe to drink]) water be unadulterated, thus ensuring our inalienable rights and freedoms including our individual right to choose. Justice, by way of reason must govern our society, because here in the USA, individual freedoms are given highest priority so long as they do not interfere with the individual freedoms of another. For example, anything an individual decides to adulterate his or her tap water with can be done after it comes out of the tap, as per individual choice; and as such, that individual's decision does not interfere with the individual choice of another to drink unadulterated tap water.

To say again, we as individuals alone must have the inalienable right to choose what we ingest into our bodies, not our neighbors and not our government; and our right to unadulterated, pure fresh (potable [safe to drink]) water shall not be infringed. Demand that our tap water be delivered to us in our homes unadulterated by added fluoride and/or any other unnecessary foreign amount(s), substance(s), and/or element(s).

For me, this issue is not only about my physical well-being, it is about my rights and freedoms. We must never forget we have them.

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