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TEOTWAWKI. <---------I love this word and yes I know it's an abbreviation of The End of the blah blah blah but think about it
Te-ot-wa-w'ki. ROFL. Good word I'm using from now on.

The end of the world as we know it is a scam. The world as we know it will never end it will only change shape, and mother nature will make us conform or kill us in the process. Fore we truly know nothing in the grand scheme of what we never truly made but only discovered - Thunky the Hunter
TEOTWAWKI exists as a measure of degrees for everyone. You have your own version of TEOTWAWKI and I have mine, etc. But there is also the global TEOTWAWKI that many are concerned about, whether an immediate Yellowstone eruption plunging the world into cold and darkness, or the slow creeping death and doom of urbanization and industrialization, etc., and I think on this grand scale is what TEOTWAWKI usually refers to.

Yes, there are those that raised prices on survival goods on 12-01-99 in order to take advantage of the TEOTWAWKI hype, so sure I agree it can be thought of as a scam. Pompeii, hurricane Katrina, Fukushima, etc. were... and are, in the case of Fukushima... all TEOTWAWKI's for those who really experienced them.

And true too, that there is no denying that what we KNOW is constantly being updated by the changes we perceive; but some changes are perceived as warnings so that we may prepare for other changes that we do not embrace as what we choose to have to live with or that might even prevent us from living at all. TEOTWAWKI preps are an extreme, especially when looked at from a global perspective, but they are no less about surviving and living through the changes we anticipate we might discover to be more realistically unpleasant than our imaginations have already allowed us to do, than say a campfire or a canteen full of clean water is.

For it is said, "Be Prepared!" --- Boy Scout Motto
Teotwawki is twin brother to Kokopelli, failed hunchback flute playing rain god, now wind chime to the ancient ones, aka Anasazi which translates correctly as 'enemies.' People with 'endtime' mythologies, and a evangelical forcing the return of JC by supporting a united Jeruselum and rebuilding of the temple is no different than every disenfranchised Idaho survivalist, unreconstructed hippie of the rainbow tribe in the emerald triangle who are waiting, hoping for a new 'level playing field' of THEIR making (a little more level for some).
They wait, because they lack motivation to participate in TODAY.
If today's news worried you. If you didn't like it: Go out and make your own.

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