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The Value of Indigenous Culture
I believe that whenever possible, and insomuch as is possible, the whole body of traditional knowledge and life-ways indigenous to the local bioregion(s) should take precedence in terms of understanding and expanding public awareness of the inherent, communal, and sacred value of the land, water, and sky.
This assumes the indignent people, or as political correctness this week is calling 'first peoples' truly live in a Rousseau 'Noble Savage' relationship to their ecosystem.
Australia is trying to preserve a small remnant rainforest. This rainforest once covered the entire continent. These guys with little more than dart throwers (aka Atl -Atls) and bowdrills just like modern survival pundits burned the whole place down in pursuit of some rather BIG Kentucky fried Chicken. Granted, it took them a might longer than the next immigration waves blunders like introducing rabbits, feral cats and Fosters. But they did.
There is a reverse racism that some cultures are implicitly more at harmony than our modern global experiment. People should understand many cultures have expanded in population to maximum carrying capacity and then collapsed by pushing the envelope just beyond that limit.
The romantic horse culture of our american central plains was a short lived one of increased competition for resources with unprecedented warfare as groups expanded or retreated. People don't understand this, and that the nastiest tribe with the most horses and guns won.

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