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crisis with bees
I am sure many people have heard of the pandemic dieoff of beehives. The USDA and others are rushing to find a cause and solution.
Meanwhile, I took part in something that left me angry. It's the swarming season, and my urban apartment complex saw a swarm rest HIGH on a two story wall. Management called an EXTERMINATOR even while I was calling a friend beekeeper. They mumbled liability and went ahead and destroyed the swarm.
Actually, a few places recognise the issue and are pushing legislation protecting all wild hives and swarms. EVERYONE needs to locate the nearest keeper, give a friendly call and ask if they will retrieve swarms. Then give their contact information out; emergency services, local exterminators etc. every hive and swarm counts right now.
I read a report that said the vast number of pesticides that would not be lethal to bees singly are collectively killing the bees. Each pesticide renders the bees a little weaker and if they aren't directly responsible for the bees' dying, they render the bees unable to comeback from illness, etc. due to compromised immune functions.

Parts of China have no bees left because of the high levels of pollution. They have entire crops of fruit trees that now need to be pollinated by farm-workers by hand, each tree, each flower with a small brush.

Pesticides and other poisons need to be replaced with rational land management, such as natural predation of pests and companion planting. Its sad and frustrating that the industrialists don't want to play by nature's rules.

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