’s CoolStuff is run by ecocultural gear junkies who want to share what they find of interest in terms of all things ecocultural… and slightly beyond… because while what is ecocultural is a broad topic with debatably amorphous boundaries… we feel a focus on the cool stuff ecoculturally niche enough to share with the world is worth our time at

Over time, you will find more products that we have actually acquired and reviewed in articles with videos on one of’s many blogs.

While most of the products listed return a small commission when they are purchased though our links, 100% of which is donated to EcocultureVillage Projects, we also list products that we receive absolutely no compensation for referring… we simply find them interesting enough to share. We do not directly sell anything on this site.

So… what exactly does it mean for something to fit within the ecocultural niche? Well… there is no exact answer, but ecoculture is about being ecosustainable, selfsufficient, and ethical… and in that… being closer to nature as an individual and person… closer to rediscovering, rejuvenating, & reinventing small rural communities… preparing, surviving, living… it is! Two things I think are worth anything at all… all things wilderness and ecoculture. Turning mindfully away from letting modern societal influences making choices for you… the search of a life of adventure… however you feel about it personally… comes down to a fundamental choice… having the courage to be honest with yourself… that is what’s Cool Stuff is about… making a fundamental choice. We want to help you more easily make that choice. People these days tend to spend their money without a second thought… this is a mistake. On what will you spend your $$$?

When you see this button… only click it if you are ready to accept that where it leads may result in your having more control over your life, not merely less money and more things.