This writing contains (a-we-)some collaborative wording resulting from dialogues and notes between myself and others.

Empowering the majority by producing the necessities of life via a network of sustainable villages!

What is The Sustainable Village? The goal of The Sustainable Village is to collaboratively address our economic, societal, and environmental concerns by creating a network of sustainable villages that will provide economic, societal, and environmental stability by using low cost appropriate technologies and techniques… such as organic gardening, sustainable energy generation, green building, and craftsman’s guilds to grow, build, produce, repair, up-cycle and recycle what we need to live well, as well as micro-businesses sufficient to pay for things we are not yet able to produce on site.

Given that the present economy is reliant on an ever declining number of living wage jobs… a complementary alternative to the living wage job is now essential. We see The Sustainable Village as that alternative. As sustainable villages become established within a given jurisdiction, the cost to sustain people who were poor or in poverty within those jurisdictions will decline dramatically.

Whereas without a network of sustainable villages the cost to sustain ever increasing numbers of under-employed people will continue to rise with no end in sight.

It is our intention to create a pilot project sustainable village… The Sustainable Village… and by doing so, demonstrate the effectiveness of such an approach… to be able to cost effectively eliminate homelessness, poverty and being poor, while at the same time improving the environment and fostering a culture of kindness, creativity and stability.